Network Vulnerability Assessment

What We Do

Being a victim of an intrusion attack can not only affect your network but could affect your business. By proactively identifying vulnerabilities of computing systems within a network, we can determine if and where a system can be exploited.

For this reason, current information security practices recommend conducting regular vulnerability assessments to help determine application and network vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Assessment Service

Our Approach

We conduct rigorous internal intrusion tests, analyze the vulnerabilities, and provide you with a report and assurance that your institution is safe and protected. Vulnerability scanning employs software that seeks out security flaws based on a database of known flaws. We test internal systems, workstations, even IP-based printers for occurrence and generate a report of those flaws based on priority.

Our company has been in the security service business for 30+ years and our consultants have the knowledge, experience and the right tools to find network vulnerabilities and make best recommendations specific for your environment.

With their strategic and forward-thinking approach, Garland Heart Info Security is an exceptional partner for our bank. From Continuous Compliance to Security Testing the services they provide help us to identify, track, and manage our risks more efficiently.

– Wendy Skorburg, Benchmark Bank

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