Sometimes a good tool isn’t enough to keep up with the challenges of the compliance world. Sometimes, you just need more people to help you. That’s where our Virtual Services come in. We offer you a qualified virtual compliance specialist to assist in a range of different jobs related to your organization.

Our goal is to provide our clients the best of breed in compliance management software along with the expertise for you to use as your direction. Our vision for Virtual Compliance is to help an organization customize compliance teams, automate processes and standardize their compliance program.

Many Hats of Regulatory Compliance & Information Security

Policy & Risk Management

Create, expand, and manage all policies and risk assessments expected by regulatory examiners, industry best practices, or applicable frameworks specific to your compliance needs or based on your information technology environment.

Program Support

An industry expert to assist and support your environment in creating proactive strategic initiatives, processes, and overall governance based on your environment's needs specific to compliance and/or information technology.

Compliance Audit

Perform internal or external audits using industry specific regulatory compliance requirements to create reports that will validate processes or identify gaps, deficiencies, or weaknesses within critical departments.

Vendor Management

Develop, review, document, and maintain your vendor due diligence program. Risk rate vendors to identify critical relationships and create consistent reports utilizing expansive document review and relationship analysis.

Business Continuity Program

Create and maintain all policies & risk assessments associated with your recovery program including Business Impact Analysis, Recovery Time Objectives, Disaster Recovery Plan, and the testing strategy to evaluate your environments resumption ability based on unforeseen events.

Policies Management

create, revise, and maintain compliance or information technology specific policies based on regulatory requirements and industry best practices mapped specifically to your environment.

Incident Response Support

Provide guidance and resources to create, establish and test your Incident Response plan. Create a policy and process to quickly identify, categorize an incident, establish a course of action, and craft appropriate responses.

Education & Training

Customized based off industry threats, trends, and your specific environment to ensure enterprise-wide understanding of compliance and information technology best practices.

Virtual Compliance

Compliance Officer functions we can supplement:

  • Compliance Program Management
  • Regulatory Knowledge Resource
  • Customized Training & Education
  • Policy, Procedure and Risk Assessments
  • Internal Compliance Audit

Virtual Info Security

Information Security Officer functions we can supplement:

  • Project Management & Strategic Support
  • Technology Policy & Risk Assessment Management
  • Incident Response Support
  • Customized Training & Education
  • Vendor Management Support & Review
  • Business Continuity Management & Preparedness
  • IT Efficiency Analysis