Our Strategic Consulting team are experts in the industry and have exceptional vendor management knowledge to assist organizations cutting down hidden costs that some vendors include in their contracts. We can assist in multiple strategic phases of the vendor selection process for any of your critical technologies or systems.

Our value is helping our clients for the last 30 years in vendor management services and negotiating contracts with virtually every major technology vendor. We know these vendors so well (and they know us) that they can’t hide fees in their contracts. Vendors are aware of our knowledge which helps speed the negotiations towards the best possible price.

Our Process

Strategic Consulting Process


Each project begins with an initial assessment of your team and its needs. We interview all the key employees within the organization to ensure the best solution for your organization.

  • Project Management
  • Creation of Selection Team
  • Perform Client Needs Analysis
  • Analyze Available Technologies
  • Build Custom Request for Proposal Document

Building the RFP document to analyze a true side-by-side comparison of each vendor. Compare/contrast features, functionality, service levels, and more to ensure the right vendor for your organization.

  • Extensive Due Diligence of Potential Vendors
  • Evaluate Request for Proposal Responses
  • Side by Side Vendor Comparison
  • Coordinate Initial Demonstrations
  • Assist Team to Narrow Vendor Selection


Our experienced negotiators work to provide contract improvements, ensure specific issues are addressed and move the process quickly toward a final contract that is competitive and includes the most favorable terms.

  • Complete Review of Service Terms
  • Assist Team in Contract Needs
  • Provide Team with Non-Typical Contract Items
  • Interface with Vendor on Contract Discussion
  • Interface with Attorneys

Our final steps are to ensure a clean and seamless transition with the vendor selected. We help verify everything promised is completed on time and with high quality.

  • Final Decision and Completion of Negotiation Phase
  • Project Planning of Implementation
  • Assist in Communicating between both Vendor and Teams
  • Hold Vendor Accountable to SLA Promises during Negotiation Phase
  • Begin Transitioning Out once Project Completes