Legal Cybersecurity Services

Keep your clients happy (and your firm protected)

There is no shortage of cybersecurity headlines today. Across a range of industries, your clients are nervous. They want to avoid the damage (both in cost and PR) that comes with security breaches. So, they invest in cybersecurity protection from a partner like Vala Secure.

But, they’re also counting on their strategic partners to help them adhere to cybersecurity standards. That includes strategic partners in the legal industry. Staying at the forefront of cybersecurity and mitigating risk is critical for firms to meet the needs of their clients.


We’re here to help you navigate the stormy seas of cybersecurity.

Keeping up on the latest cybersecurity standards can take a lot of time and investment.  All while you are trying to stay focused on providing critical legal counsel to your clients.  

Who has the staff to spare for cybersecurity when you’re busy trying to provide exceptional legal services? And most full-time, internal IT personnel lack the specialized knowledge and experience needed to stay at the forefront of cybersecurity.

We can help you take control of cybersecurity and be the hero of your law firm, all while lessening your burden, saving your firm money, and giving you extra peace of mind.


Save time and money while protecting your firm.

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Cybersecurity services for the legal industry include:

Virtual Information Security Officer (VISO)

Trying to navigate the stormy seas of cybersecurity is most often a full-time cybersecurity executive. But the average salary for a Chief Information Security Officer sits at or above $200,000.

With a Virtual Information Security Officer from Vala Secure, you gain access to your very own Chief Information Security Officer, at a fraction of the cost. Our VISO becomes a member of your team, overseeing strategy and implementation of strategic principles, teaching members of your team what to fix and how.

A VISO is at the helm of your cybersecurity strategy, leading the way and keeping your ship steered correctly in the muddy waters of cybersecurity.

Risk Assessment

A high-level look at your organization that assess all major areas of risk, risk assessments from Vala Secure are a great place to start with your cybersecurity investment.

Regulatory Technology Audit

Test and review hundreds of technology elements throughout your organization. We will also provide you with a roadmap to address any issues.

Breach Assessment

Breach assessments examine every opportunity to infiltrate your law firm. This real-time inspection is a super-intensive way to test your law firm at a number of levels.


Penetration Testing

The Vala Secure team will use a variety of tools to try and gain access to your network from the outside looking in, from anywhere across the globe.

Penetration Testing - Wireless

We’ll thoroughly test your organization from close proximity to protect your network and help keep out the bad guys.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment

Rather than come from the outside, this test digs into your internal network to find and identify potential vulnerabilities from the inside.

Social Engineering

To identify risk from the “human network,” we look for vulnerabilities and provide a game plan for protection to avoid any breaches down the road.

Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)

Annual tests to ensure consistent monitoring of your network and identify vulnerabilities before they become issues.

ISO Gap Analysis

We’ll identify any gaps between your current standards and those needed to achieve and maintain ISO certification

SOC Reporting

We’ll examine and report on your organization to prepare you for SOC 2 and SOC 3 testing completed by external auditors.


Consider us your guide.

We’ll build a custom roadmap to keep you secure.

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