Cyber Security Technology Audit

What We Do

We offer regulatory Information Security and Cybersecurity Technology Audits services

  • to review and verify the general controls of physical and logical security of the server including change control, administration of server accounts, system logging and monitoring, incident handling, system backup and disaster recovery
  • to review and verify compliance audits including policies and procedures

Many organizations are either required or strongly encouraged to have an annual independent review of their information technology program. A thorough audit based on the industry standards and guidelines is critical to the success of the audit.  Our objective is to prepare your business for your exams from external auditors.

Garland Heart Cyber Security Technology Audit

Our Approach

Our specialists will examine the following areas and recommend procedural or technology improvements to minimize internal and external risks.

  • Security—assuring data is protected
  • Physical Access—assuring that hardware is secure
  • Back-up and Recovery—assuring there is adequate redundancy
  • IT Governance—assuring that IT systems are working with other internal systems
  • Change Management—assuring that the “human factor” elements critical to effect change are identified and managed

Our Audits are typically based on standardized guidelines applicable to your industry or the one you are servicing. An example would be ISO 27001. Environments could also include various other applicable guidance to strengthen their review process such as, GLBA, CobiT, ATA101, SSAE 16, and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX). These are considered industry standard control objectives and should be used to assist regulatory examiners in their review of environments in many of the regulated industries today.

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