Proactive Compliance Services

What We Do

Continuous Compliance is our service that helps move your organization from a reactive compliance landscape to a proactive one. We do this by setting up a risk baseline of your areas of need and build an ongoing schedule, based off of risk, to continue to update and review those areas throughout the year.

  • Allows organizations to look at an Enterprise view of compliance and align it to strategic business objectives.
  • Proactively preparing for exams means less time scrambling and not letting the regulations rule your compliance program.

Garland Heart Proactive Compliance Services

Our Approach

Our business that has been performing this service for over 30 years and employing experienced specialists with regulatory and compliance certifications.  It is standard for our team to collaborate and communicate with our clients throughout the audit process to ensure the accuracy of the information. We utilize Best Practices in regulatory and compliance standards. In addition, we provide an internal support structure to provide ongoing schedules, updates, and reports when and how you need them.

Garland Heart Info Security’s continuous compliance program has saved me hundreds of hours in audit preparation. Their findings and reports help provide our internal auditor, senior management and board of directors important recommendations for each audit.

– Jerry Bell, Lea County State Bank

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