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e-Review Process

Our e-Review Process is an extremely helpful and money-saving tool for your company. We’re able to perform many of our services through using innovative technology without having ...
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Our Video Profiles

Who We Are Our “Who We Are” video is a brief introduction of each member of The Garland Group. Our company is comprised of many talented individuals with different backgrounds, ...
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ATM Audits

ATM Networks (PULSE, STAR, NYCE, VISA, etc.) all abide by the American National Standard : X9.8, X9.24 and X3.92 documents. The TG-3 PIN Security and KEY Management Security ...
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Vulnerability Assessments

Hackers are today’s common thieves. Being a victim of a intrusion attack can not only affect your network but could affect your business. We can conduct rigorous internal and ...
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Penetration Testing

The penetration testing is engineered to analyze your presence on the Internet from more than just a Firewall Scan Approach. We review, text and document the presence of all of ...
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FFIEC Technology Audits

The Garland Group uses the specific guidelines set forth by the FFIEC. Below are brief descriptions of each of the twelve FFIEC handbooks The Garland Group will cover for your ...
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