Why a Virtual CISO is the Best-Kept Secret in Information Security

The twin gas pedals of globalization and technology have increased the speed of business to the point where you can blink and suddenly not recognize the landscape around you. This is especially true when it comes to information security, where the very concept of “hacking” and data theft went from Hollywood science fiction to a pressing fact of

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3 Key Guidelines for CISOs in the Era of the Cloud

Before the cloud, most business chose to store their data on internal servers they managed. Because of this, accessibility typically was limited to helping reduce how vulnerable a business's information was to hackers. With the inception of the cloud, companies have poured billions of dollars into this technology and the corresponding cyber

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3 Tips to Encourage Collaboration In Your Organization's Security Processes

While information security has assumed top priority in many organizations, the steps that enterprises take to strengthen their overall cybersecurity often focus solely on improving the technology and processes involved in those efforts. Unfortunately, such a heavy focus on the technical mechanics of cybersecurity neglects the human side of the

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5 Cyber Security Lessons Learned in 2015

It’s no secret that 2015 was another challenging year in cyber security. While fallout continued from the Sony hack, new threats emerged and each one offered a lesson for the future. Here’s what can be learned from the past year as you plan for 2016.

1. Keep Backups

One of the biggest cyber security stories of the year was the rise of “ransomware,”

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5 Employee Password Habits that are Putting Your Enterprise at Risk

A truism of the modern workplace is that your employees underestimate the risk that their password habits present to your enterprise. Indeed, a study of password habits by CSID in 2012 showed that more than 60 percent of respondents used the same password on multiple sites. Even worse, nearly 45 percent of those respondents said they changed their

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WordPress and Health Applications Are Now the Most Popular Web Attack Targets

Research shows that WordPress and health applications are the most popular targets for online attacks. If you’re currently using WordPress for your website or offering a healthcare app, here are some key facts and figures you should know.


Content Management Systems Are Most Vulnerable

A new report by Imperva revealed that content management

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Is There a Generation Gap in Cybersecurity?

According to a recent survey by Raytheon and the NCSA, young people ages 18 to 26 aren't pursuing careers in cybersecurity. Young women - who make up just 10 percent of the industry's workforce - are even less interested in cybersecurity than their male counterparts, with 52 percent of millennial women saying cybersecurity programs aren't

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4 Common Mistakes in Firewall Configuration

A firewall is a great way to protect your organization, but it only works well if it is configured properly. Here are four common mistakes in firewall configuration, along with some tips for avoiding them.

1. Non-Standard Authentication Methods

Using non-standard authentication methods can put you at risk of a cybersecurity breach. When you don't

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6 Best Practices for Maintaining Data Security in Your Firm

Defending your data from threats is a number one concern. Technology is fluid, but planning properly will help your company get the best protection for the present and for future growth. These six best practices will help you maintain data security in your business setting.


Plan-do-check-act (PDCA) is the foundation of best practices in

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Are Smartwatches the Next Target for CyberAttacks?

The future of cyber security is almost never clear. New devices are popping up all the time, and making informed decisions on device security can be tricky. However, where smartwatches are concerned, the decision might not be so difficult for you and your business.


Studied Vulnerabilities of the Wearable Device

A recent study on smartwatches by

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