Top 5 Information Security Takeaways in 2018

Compliant does not always mean secure - this is one of the maxims held above all at Garland Heart. While being compliant with the regulations of your industry will cut down on the risk of an information breach, it does not mean that all the vulnerabilities in your system have been accounted for.

In order to get in front of any risks (proactive

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Top 5 Regulatory Compliance Updates in 2018

Regulatory compliance and information security has exploded as a topic of conversation in the last 15 years while technology has emerged at a break-neck speed. Annual updates, amendments, requirements and expectations are planned for months in advance, and the savvy business-owner must stay on top of the new information coming in to avoid an

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How Breach Assessment Services Help Financial Institutions

How likely is it that your financial institution will experience a data breach in the near future? Can you even be certain that you haven’t already experienced a data breach? Most importantly, do you know how you would respond if you discovered that a breach had occurred? A breach assessment can help you answer these questions. What you discover

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Your 4-Step Guide to Security Budget Planning for 2016: Part 2

Once again, it’s time to plan your security budget for the next year. In our last post, we discussed planning and implementing as the first two steps of planning your 2016 security budget. Now, let’s look at the final two steps: execution and analysis.



Successful execution of a security plan involves detecting new risks and monitoring

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Your 4-Step Guide to Security Budget Planning for 2016: Part 1

You don’t have to be overwhelmed planning your IT risk management for 2016. Simply follow the four steps outlined over these two posts to create your 2016 budget. 


First, define the security policies and controls that you’ll use to protect your company’s assets. As an example, you might implement the security policy “employees

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CFOs Now View Cybersecurity as a Top Threat

According to a new report by Deloitte, CFOs regard cyberattacks as one of the most worrying disasters that threaten to affect an enterprise’s financial well-being. In response to the Deloitte survey, 97 percent of CFOs of large firms in North America said that cyberattacks are the biggest threat they face.


The Significance of Cybersecurity


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New Website Domain Name Could Improve Network Security Systems for Banks

Pressures upon financial services organizations a

re rising today more than ever. Customer loyalty is more important to banks now than in the past, but with growing concerns over information security measures, it’s getting harder and harder to keep customers happy. Many banks are placing a lot of emphasis on modernizing their systems by updating

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How to Build a Stronger Compliance Management Program in Your Bank

While a successful and robust compliance management program in banks has a few basic components, there are no “one size fits all” rules. However, here are the vital elements that make up the backbone of an effective compliance management program.

  1. Internal Control – Such control is two-pronged. It evaluates whether compliance management solutions

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3 Key Compliance Management Trends for Community Banks

Community banks can improve their compliance management processes in three simple ways. Begin by reviewing and strengthening existing corporate compliance program policies. Then move on to building a culture of compliance within your organization. These tasks will require some effort from managers and board members, but don't cost very much money.

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3 Common Misconceptions About Information Security Compliance

Your business generates massive volumes of data that demand smart and secure management. However, confusion and misconceptions run rampant when it comes to information security and compliance with big data. Looking beyond the three most common misconceptions about information security compliance can help you ensure that your data and systems are

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