How CISOs Can Improve the Cybersecurity Landscape

In larger environments, it is not uncommon to have both a CIO/CTO and CISO (Chief Information Security Officer). The CTO/CIO is usually held accountable for the development and implementation of the IT strategy to support the institution's business strategy in line with its risk appetite. A CISO is typically responsible for overseeing and

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5 Common Programming Languages That Cause the Most Software Vulnerabilities

Over the last couple of years, many cybersecurity problems have come to light. There has been a wave of WordPress and Drupal vulnerability warnings and patches, and SQL injection bugs are being found left and right in Web applications. Many of the bugs can be traced back to PHP, but other common programming languages can also cause

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WordPress and Health Applications Are Now the Most Popular Web Attack Targets

Research shows that WordPress and health applications are the most popular targets for online attacks. If you’re currently using WordPress for your website or offering a healthcare app, here are some key facts and figures you should know.


Content Management Systems Are Most Vulnerable

A new report by Imperva revealed that content management

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Is There a Generation Gap in Cybersecurity?

According to a recent survey by Raytheon and the NCSA, young people ages 18 to 26 aren't pursuing careers in cybersecurity. Young women - who make up just 10 percent of the industry's workforce - are even less interested in cybersecurity than their male counterparts, with 52 percent of millennial women saying cybersecurity programs aren't

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4 Common Mistakes in Firewall Configuration

A firewall is a great way to protect your organization, but it only works well if it is configured properly. Here are four common mistakes in firewall configuration, along with some tips for avoiding them.


1. Non-Standard Authentication Methods

Using non-standard authentication methods can put you at risk of a cybersecurity breach. When you

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New Study: Cybercrime Costs Organizations $15 Million on Average Per Year

A 2015 study by HP found that the average cost of cyber crime has grown to $15 million per year, which is an increase of 82 percent over the last six years. In the companies featured in the study, costs ranged between $1.9 million and a massive $65 million per year. With such large potential costs, it is vital to take action to protect your

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Why is the 80/20 Rule Important in Cyber Security Practices?

Cyber security may be a newer, more complex field, but it actually shares many common rules with other industries. One of these is the "Pareto principle," which dictates that 80% of the effects come from a mere 20% of causes. In other words, this means that the distribution of cause and effect can be (and usually is) uneven, and learning your way

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6 Best Practices for Maintaining Data Security in Your Firm

Defending your data from threats is a number one concern. Technology is fluid, but planning properly will help your company get the best protection for the present and for future growth. These six best practices will help you maintain data security in your business setting.


Plan-do-check-act (PDCA) is the foundation of best practices in

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3 Common Cybersecurity Structures in the Legal Industry: Which One Are You?

You’ve all seen the headlines - big company data breaches, foreign hackers, databases stolen. You can’t make it a day anymore without the next information security headline.
It can be scary to some, difficult to understand for many, and it’s the fastest moving target in the business world today.  So, what should a firm like yours do about it

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Are Smartwatches the Next Target for CyberAttacks?

The future of cyber security is almost never clear. New devices are popping up all the time, and making informed decisions on device security can be tricky. However, where smartwatches are concerned, the decision might not be so difficult for you and your business.


Studied Vulnerabilities of the Wearable Device

A recent study on smartwatches by

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