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When we started on RiskKey we wanted to debunk all the thoughts on the risk assessment process being a complex, difficult, and flat-out frustrating process. We think we’ve done ...
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Windows---Make room for Linux!

Windows Vista is not receiving the open arms welcome that Microsoft expected. Could it be that they spent 6 years developing an operating system that nobody wanted? Could it be ...
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Jack Henry Southwest Users Group

I would just like to thank everyone for the invitation to the Jack Henry Southwest Users Group this evening. I wanted to go ahead a post the PDF download as well as the link to a ...
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Auditor | A Dirty Word

When the word ‘audit’ or ‘auditor’ is used in a sentence there is often an immediate cringing effect that happens in our minds. People have learned to fear the audit and as such, ...
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Policies, Procedures, and Starbucks

What is a policy? What is a procedure? To many this can be a deceptively confusing topic. What is the difference between the two? Where do you draw the line? These are strangely ...
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