5 Powerful Reasons to Test Your Cybersecurity Today

It's natural for an organization to plan for success. However, that success could all be for nothing if you don't also plan for worst-case scenarios, especially breaches to your information technology systems. Continuity of operations and disaster recovery plans are essential for taking proactive action against the very real threats to data

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A Helpful Guide to SOX Compliance for Financial Institutions

The Sarbanes-Oxley (“SOX”) Act of 2002 is a crucial piece of legislation aimed at protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information that impacts a corporation's stakeholders.

Ensuring ongoing SOX compliance is a fundamental risk management task for any publicly-traded, or even privately-held, company in the United States.

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What The Next Security Breach Means For Your Community Bank

Recently, security breaches of major websites, companies and banks seem to be appearing in the headlines more and more frequently, and with increasingly more critical effects. If you're wondering how these events will affect you, you're not alone: in a recent survey, 97 percent of CFOs believe that cyberattacks are their biggest threat.

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New Website Domain Name Could Improve Network Security Systems for Banks

Pressures upon financial services organizations a

re rising today more than ever. Customer loyalty is more important to banks now than in the past, but with growing concerns over information security measures, it’s getting harder and harder to keep customers happy. Many banks are placing a lot of emphasis on modernizing their systems by updating

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How to Build a Stronger Compliance Management Program in Your Bank

While a successful and robust compliance management program in banks has a few basic components, there are no “one size fits all” rules. However, here are the vital elements that make up the backbone of an effective compliance management program.

  1. Internal Control – Such control is two-pronged. It evaluates whether compliance management solutions

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3 Key Compliance Management Trends for Community Banks

Community banks can improve their compliance management processes in three simple ways. Begin by reviewing and strengthening existing corporate compliance program policies. Then move on to building a culture of compliance within your organization. These tasks will require some effort from managers and board members, but don't cost very much money.

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Success Story: Los Alamos National Bank

At A Glance

Organization: Los Alamos National Bank (LANB)

Industry: Banking – LANB provides full-service banking (including deposit accounts, consumer, safe deposit box rentals; commercial and real estate loans; international services including currency exchange and wires; trust and investment services).


  • Comprehensive IT FFIEC/COBIT

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Success Story: Lubbock National Bank

At A Glance

Organization: Lubbock National Bank (LNB)

Industry: Banking

Solution: Full Risk-Based Technology Controls Review & Risk Assessment


  • Simplified risk and audit assessment process
  • Clear picture of LNB’s compliance and security standards
  • Standardized policies and procedures across locations

“RiskKey was great to use and

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Penetration Testing

The penetration testing is engineered to analyze your presence on the Internet from more than just a Firewall Scan Approach. We review, text and document the presence of all of the Institution’s information in areas other than just the Internet interface. This scope of work characterizes the Institution network and firewall, and identifies

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When we started on RiskKey we wanted to debunk all the thoughts on the risk assessment process being a complex, difficult, and flat-out frustrating process. We think we’ve done that today by officially announcing the immediate availability of RiskKey.

Mark got so excited last night that he already mentioned it on over on RiskKey’s support blog

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