Success Story: Lubbock National Bank

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At A Glance

Organization: Lubbock National Bank (LNB)

Industry: Banking

Solution: Full Risk-Based Technology Controls Review & Risk Assessment


  • Simplified risk and audit assessment process
  • Clear picture of LNB’s compliance and security standards
  • Standardized policies and procedures across locations

“RiskKey was great to use and simplified the entire assessment and audit process” Eddie Schulz, COO of LNB

Lubbock National Bank (LNB) has operated in the Lubbock Market for over 90 years. As a commercial bank it serves the Lubbock market as well as the Bryan/College Station and Austin markets under the name of Commerce National Bank. With over 20,000 customers in these markets today, LNB is committed to growing their bank by providing small business customers with strong retail products.

An integral factor in LNB’s business strategy has always been to “provide customers with a trusted place to manage and grow their hard-earned money.” With the current business landscape this is even more challenging. Everyday there’s a new security threat, new risk levels, as well as even more stringent regulations to comply with. LNB needed to implement initiatives to ensure they stayed true to their mission.

“We needed to have a strong audit company to do an extensive audit on our technology,” said Eddie Schulz, COO of LNB. “We wanted to make sure that the bank was in compliance and practicing good security and technology standards. The Garland Group offered the exact comprehensive audit the bank needed.”

The Garland Group delivered a Full Risk-Based Technology Controls Review & Risk Assessment to LNB. This included a thorough risk assessment and policy review. We also did a penetration test on their technology infrastructure and continue to day with quarterly penetration tests. LNB was able to utilize our SaaS application RiskKey to give them the assurance they needed that their customers could trust them to protect their investments.

“RiskKey was great to use and simplified the entire assessment and audit process,” said Schulz. “The Garland Group gave us a complete technology audit and penetration testing. We were very pleased with the response from our compliance team.”

After the engagement LNB was able to know exactly how the bank measured up with regards to their technology standards and what they needed to do to close any gaps in those standards. “The Garland Group allowed us to understand the overall scope of our technology issues and how to shape the banks standards in policy and procedures,” said Schulz. “We immediately implemented the recommended new standards on polices and standardized our procedures across locations.”