How We Made Our Virtual Team Feel More Connected

How We Made Our Virtual Team Feel More Connected

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Each and every week we send off our people out around the country to help our client's become more secure and compliant. Due to that fact, we found we didn't have a great need for our own physical office space. We have had offices in the past but they were mostly used as a meeting spot rather than our everyday office space. As busy as we have been lately, there are times were we may need not physically see someone for months! So finding ways to stay connected to one another and to continue a happy culture is of big importance to me. That's why I immediately got excited about Sococo after a buddy of mine mentioned it to me. Here's our office space today:

Sococo Office

Sococo allows us to be see and feel connected despite not being in the same office or room. With the ability to instantly 'pop in' to someone's office, screen share, and to use video, it feels as close to a real experience as we have ever known. Our team has used many other chat/video/screenshare apps in the past but nothing that brings it all together. Even the simple concept of the office map and seeing the icons blink away during the day makes me feel like we're all out there working together for a common cause. It's been a great experience for everybody.

For a quick demo of Sococo, check out this video below:

Sococo - Overview