by Dan

Just like the change of seasons, it goes the same for changes in your workplace or in your personal life - it is inevitable. Whether it is planned or unexpected, what makes us the individuals we are is how we choose to accept change.

Recently, I have experienced change both at the workplace and in my personal life. Accepting change with a positive attitude and surrounding yourself with individuals who genuinely care can make a world of difference. Remembering you are not alone will guide you through these changes.

In today's workplace, more and more employees are feeling the effects of workplace change. We may not like it, but change is a fact of life in today’s workplace. Both employers and employees want to be more efficient and implement the latest technologies possible. When we learn to adapt to change, we’re able to make the best of any situation.

It’s normal to feel any and all types of emotions during change.

Can I learn the new job; Will the employees embrace my new role; How will this impact others, as well as myself.

Emotions may come and go, recognizing your talents and putting forth your best effort, will see you through both planned and unplanned changes.

While change may be inevitable, either at the workplace or in your personal life, look for the anchors in your life. A co-worker, mentor, spouse or friend, can be just the individual you need to help you adjust to change. Remembering while one piece of your life may be changing, others may be remaining stable and constant. Your work is very important, but so are your roles as mentor, friend, spouse or parent. Being involved and finding the opportunities in change, will ultimately impact you and others, both with your work family and family at home.

So, look for the opportunities change can bring as you move forward. As hard as it might be, try to look at change as an opportunity -- to grow, learn, and develop in new ways. Once you’ve adjusted to the initial change, you’ll be ready to start exploring additional opportunities. Think of all the possibilities and options you have. Change can be embraced, and impact both you and others.

I did ... and the changes proved to be a positive experience.