Banking Crisis for Dummies via Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is the chairman of the oversight committee on TARP and was on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night. She does a good job of looking at the banking crisis in a very concise and simple way.

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Bank IT - Ancillary Applications are in

I don't believe it's news anymore when I tell you core system sales have tapered off in the past ten years. But here's proof. In the year 2000, 7.3% of the FI population acquired a new core system. In 2009, the rate was approximately 2%. Going forward, it may stay at 2% or it may continue to decline, but it won't increase.


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Chairman-Elect Jeff Austin III to testify on Condition of Financial Institutions today

Senator Dodd seems to be considering dropping his committee's plans to create a standalone Consumer Financial Protection Agency. But the focus will continue on strengthening regulations.

TBA Chairman-Elect Jeff Austin III to testify this morning at Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit hearing


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Why IT collaboration tends to fail.

"Executives see savings in budget line items and value in a bill of services. IT sees savings in the things no one has to do anymore and value in the things no one could do before."

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This is a fantastic article illustrating the difficulties of IT Collaboration. Basically, mutual understanding is often lacking. IT looks like a

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Insights | Good Boards of Directors = Good IT?

This is a series of posts from The Garland Group consultants from the road. Due to our wide range of clients, trends emerge and we want to share those insights with you.

This bit below is a from a blog i ran across a few days ago while doing a little project management research online.

"the main reason IT people are unhappy at work is bad

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Find how many subnets? OMG! How?

As technology folks, we like to get technical (read: geeky) from time to time. If you're like us, this is the post for you. WARNING: Heavy technical speak ahead.

Subnetting is the most complicated and hard to understand section in network engineering. If you are planning to take certification exam such as CCNA then you must understand the nuts

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Continuous Compliance Starts with a Cultural Shift

Wells Fargo implemented their Continuous Auditing process in 2001 and since then has continued to develop its program with tangible ROI: “$400,000 in travel expenses reduced annually and 23,500 budgeted hours reduced annually” Recently we had a chat with Erica Ocana-Smith Senior Audit Manager of Wells Fargo and she shared a few nuggets with us on

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Back to Basics

Years ago in my IT capstone class we learned that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. This ultimately led us to cram, yes cram the Zachman’s framework to regurgitate it on our test. Shhhh don’t tell my professor. Despite the cramming something obviously stayed with me. That is that even though our threats, risks, and IT security issues have

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Is RiskKey secure?

This is a question we receive often. Security is part of the DNA of The Garland Group, so it is of our utmost concern. And, as a Security Consultant I can assure you that the answer to the question is very near and dear to my heart. So what is the answer? In a word...Yes.

RiskKey resides on Amazon's AWS platform and is managed through EngineYard.

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Is your compliance on cruise control?

The recent airport security breach has once again intensified security controls at airports worldwide. I see this and I immediately think of the parallels with IT security compliance and how we approach it. A looming IT audit, a data breach reported, or our system compromised, and like TSA officials we go in overdrive. What happened in all the

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