Originally founded 1981 by Henry Garland as a IBM mainframe software developer. Over time, it transitioned to a cybersecurity and compliance consultancy that always stays ahead of regulations, future threats and ever-changing security environments. 

Today run by Brad Garland, the company has over 140 clients across multiple states offering services from audits, security tests, to fractional (virtual) Information Security Officer strategy work.

Business Highlights:

  • Founded in 1981, rebooted in 2003 to be more cyber security & compliance focused
  • Support clients in various regulatory industries
    • Financial, Healthcare, Education, Energy, Legal
  • Inc 5000 in 2016
  • BCWI Certified in 2019

We Believe in S.P.E.E.D.

S.P.E.E.D. is the acroynm that we use that explains our values. Highlight over each letter to learn more about our values and how we operate for our clients.


A humble attitude, no matter how much expertise we hold, is required to continually put others before our making the complicated seem easy.


Performing at our highest level of efficiency so we can meet our company & client goals.


To educate rather than just speaking ‘results’ to someone, you have to carry a sense of humility and flexibility to adapt to anyone’s learning style.


We want to energize both ourselves and our clients with our vision, goals, and thought leadership. To do this we need to be adaptable, open, and willing to adjust to the ever changing market.


If you focus on delighting the customers it has to be an experience that is above and beyond the norm.

An Award-Winning Team

A few of the recent awards our company has received.

Inc.5000 Fastest Growing Company Best Christian Workplace

Our Culture

Our culture is something we take great pride in. We are looking for passionate people that have a point of view but that understand that there is a fine line between confident and cocky. We learned a lot about the wrong way to work after working corporate jobs (bleh) so we want to have a place we want to come to each and every day.

Our people consist of singers, counselors, park rangers, DJs, referees, and scuba pro’s. We’ll let you guess which one is which on Our Team page. In short, we come from all around but all have one primary goal: Delighting the customer.

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